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Local Apartment Complex Pressure Washing

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When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of your building, whether it’s an apartment or a traditional house, Power Wash Pros are the ultimate pioneers. We understand your unique needs and know how they should be catered to perfectly, be it in the Los Angeles, Ventura & Orange County areas.
We know that your apartment may be smaller than those huge traditional houses but they should, nevertheless, be kept clean and presentable, right? So we know about and are ready to tackle the challenges that come with any limited space. Our team has some of the top pressure washing experts in your state and will remove moss, mold, and other unsightly elements with utmost skill to make sure that your property keeps shining like new.

Keeping Your Place Neat and Cool

With us, you can transform your apartment into the beautiful living space that you have always proudly imagined it to be. We aren't just here to clean, we're here to create perfect solutions for your specific cleaning requirements. We strongly believe in maintaining the beauty and integrity of your property, it’s our top priority. And our goal is to go above and beyond to make it look refreshed like it’s just been built.
When you choose Power Wash Pros, you'll find the cleaning process to be a hassle-free one that saves you your precious resources and energy. We guarantee that every penny you invest in our services will be well worth it. With us, you’ll get a radiant, clean, and tidy space that you'll absolutely love coming home to.

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Properly Insured and Permitted to Handle Big Jobs For:


Building Exteriors

We take care of your building’s exteriors that includes walls, railings and balconies to carefully remove any accumulated dirt and stains thoroughly.

Common Areas

Our services also cover all the common areas such as walkways, parking lots and garages to clean those stubborn dirt, gum, oil stains, and tire marks. Pools and patios have to be cleaned as well to reduce any dirt and mildew over time.

Recreational Areas

Recreation areas like playgrounds, outdoor fitness areas and equipment need your regular maintenance so we make sure that they remain hygienic by removing dirt and stains.

Entryways and Staircases:

Our team also takes care of entryways and staircases, front entrances, fire escapes etc. and see to it that they remain clean and distraction-free.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

We get rid of everything from algae to debris to moss and guarantee that your gutters drain properly.

Other Facilities

Additional facilities we take care of include trash and recycling areas. Our pressure washing helps prevent the buildup of grime and odors and keeps the lights and signage cleans as well.

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