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Industrial Power Washing Services

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Your Local Industrial Pressure Cleaning Company

The Power Washing Pro’s are prepared to handle any job in Los Angeles County.

We have a group of professionals specializing in power washing who're well prepared to tackle any industrial cleaning task, in Los Angeles County.

The significance of pressure washing in upkeeping the effectiveness of any plant should not be underestimated. Neglecting thorough maintenance, including the removal of dirt, grime and rust from facilities can lead to costs over time due, to expensive repair services.

We’ll handle any job, anytime. 24/7

We are available, round the clock to handle any task regardless of its complexity. Whether it involves;
fixing garage doors
cleaning warehouse floors,
emptying dumpsters,
or maintaining machinery
Our team of experts will bring their expertise to the table.

Take advantage of our industrial power washing services to eliminate pollutants such as dirt and grime accumulation, atmospheric pollution, graffiti and oil spills, from your facility.

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Industrial Power Washing Services.


Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Our team of experts is always available to assist you in keeping your warehouse clean by removing dirt, mold and grime using cleaning techniques.

Construction & Equipment Washing

You can rely on us to take care of the cleanliness of your dumpster. We use self contained power washing cleaners to ensure a thorough cleaning. Our goal is to make sure your business surroundings are clean enough to avoid any concerns.

Dumpster Cleaning

Recognizing that construction companies often have limited time, between projects we understand the importance of efficient cleaning processes. Our methods are designed to keep your equipment in working condition and visually appealing without causing disruptions.

Garage Parking Structure Cleaning

With our quality commercial grade pressure washer we can assist with the removal of oil, dirt, grime, grease, paint, gum and tire marks. This guarantees that your garage will be clean enough to attract both existing customers.

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