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Safe & Insured Building Power Washing Services

Our work history proves the unparalleled commitment we show to achieve excellence and efficiency. Our team has a very impressive portfolio and a healthy track record of transforming different types of buildings into their better versions. Our experience? Be it a commercial complex or a charming historical structures, we've efficiently handled it all. Our top-notch and certified professionals are always ready to help with their wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in every project they take up.
Our services are not just about simply cleaning the place and packing up to leave. We actually care about your building and make sure to preserve and even restore it as much as we can to make it stand out and make a lasting impression in your professional circle. Likewise, we attend to your residential complexes as well to create warm and inviting spaces for you. We also know that historical structures have a delicate nature so they’ll receive our utmost care and efficiency. As for industrial facilities, we can effectively remove all of that tough grime and pollutants in no time.

We Wash Every Type of building Exterior

But our expertise doesn't stop there. Educational institutions, healthcare facilities and hospitality venues are also on our expertise list. We make sure that they have an inviting and hygienic appearance. Be it brick, stone, and stucco, vinyl, metal siding, glass, wood or any other surface, we can handle them all with lots of care and the most suitable cleaning techniques. Our goal is always to be effective without causing any damage.

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Check Out Some Clips from Our Recent Exterior Building Cleaning Projects!

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Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Building Cleaning?


Experienced Technicians

Washing the building isn’t as simple as it looks. It demands a certain level of expertise to do it correctly. Our technicians, with their years of experience, are the best in the state with top-notch efficiency in exterior building cleaning. Graffiti removal? No sweat. Those pesky, hard-to-reach spots? Consider them conquered. When it comes to getting the job done right, our technicians are armed with the knowledge and prowess required.

Prompt Execution

We absolutely get it. Your business needs to keep running while we work our magic. That's why commit ourselves to completing your building washing project quickly and seamlessly. Our team will contact you and work according to your schedule to minimize any disruption to your business. Time is money and we know how to make every moment count.

Safety and Efficiency

Cleaning solutions have to keep a balance between safety and effectiveness – this is exactly how we operate. We go with low-pressure washing, soft washing and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to make sure that your building gets a makeover without even a bit of external harm.

Saving the Environment

At Power Washing Pro, we actually live by the motto "green is the new clean." We always give priority to eco-friendly products that are absolutely harmless to both your building and Mother Earth. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and do not include any harsh chemicals that can damage your structure and the environment in any way.

Attention to Detail

The devil is in the details and we've struck a deal with him. Our experienced team is always pushing to be precise and comprehensive. Every single inch of your building will receive that the royal treatment from us and will be cleaned thoroughly. We take immense pride in our work and won't rest until your satisfaction shines brighter than your garage.

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