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Parking Garage Power Washing Services

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Parking Lot Power Washing Services

When It Comes to Cleaning Parking Lots, We're Los Angeles's Most Trusted Service

Power Washing Pro has simply revolutionized the parking lot pressure washing services over the last few years with our sky-high standards. Our cleaning strategy and efficient techniques remove every speck of dirt. This also prevents any kind of future buildup and leaves your parking lot surface in top-notch condition. Time to say goodbye to those stubborn oil and grease spills with us. Why trust anyone else to power wash your parking lot when you can have the best services at your disposal just a call away? Hiring a top-notch, trusted and reputed professional company like ours is absolutely crucial in cleaning parking decks if you want to make sure that your premises are left gleaming. Our team is highly trained and knows how to tackle every cleaning job head-on with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Our Process

It all starts with an on-site assessment. This survey helps us give you our honest and transparent price quote as well as explain what we will be doing. We believe in full transparency so you’d understand exactly what you are getting. Once you give us the green light, our team gets the job done ASAP. We begin by pre-treating heavily soiled areas such as oil spots as this will help with a thorough cleaning process. We will then use our equipment and chemicals to clean every corner of your space. And that's not all, by the way. Our final inspection, one that will guarantee nothing’s left to clean, makes sure that our job is done according to the highest standards. Power Washing Pro takes a huge pride in being detail-oriented and keeping customer satisfaction a priority. Hence, you don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your parking facilities. They should always be gleaming and you can trust the experts at Power Washing Pro to make that happen.

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Parking Garage Treatment Areas We Cover


Parking Spaces

Regular and handicapped parking spaces that are either open or covered.

Driveways & Access Roads

Entrance/exit lanes and circulation areas that may be included within your parking lot.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Pedestrian paths to and from the parking lot and even between any parking spaces.

Curbs & Gutters

Perimeter curbs, gutters present anywhere in the parking area and any drainage channels.

Ramps & Sloped Areas

Inclined sections or slopes for vehicles and any wheelchair-accessible ramps that require cleaning maintenance.

Loading Zones

Any designated areas that you use for loading/unloading goods and other deliveries.

Traffic Markings & Signage

Painted lines, directional and informational signs put up all around your parking space.

Lighting Fixtures & Poles

Overhead lights, lamp posts, signs and any emergency call boxes that need some cleaning.

Landscape Areas

Grass, gardens, hedges and crawler plants that are directly adjacent or maybe spilling over into the parking lot.

Trash & Recycling Areas

Garbage bins, recycling containers and any areas that you may have designated for waste disposal.

Emergency Exits & Fire Lanes

Emergency routes that have been marked clearly and the reserved fire lanes.

We Wash All Types of Lots-Check Out Our Clips!

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